Retainers: Why Wear Them & How to Keep Them Safe?

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Braces are able to create a beautiful and a flawless smile. However, the retainers are responsible for maintaining the same as it encourages better oral hygiene even long after its usage goes away. Though the retainers for teeth are mostly used for holding the straight teeth in its place after having braces, the benefits of individuals wearing the retainers in the correct manner as per the  orthodontist request will be going beyond that.

Did you know that retainers, when worn in the correct manner, could help any speech impediment you may have? Therefore, you must make it a habit of wearing the retainers correctly such that you do not lose them. If your kids are concerned, then you need to be extra cautious while handling their respective retainers. Your child must understand its importance and thus, encourage them to wear the retainers at all times.

Wearing A Retainer

Why wear a retainer?

The retainers for one’s teeth are usually used during the last phase of the orthodontic treatment process. Once the dental braces are removed properly, the teeth tend to want shift back to its original position. Therefore, the retainers that are worn overnight ensure they maintain the regained position of the straightened teeth. It will prevent the straightened teeth from going back to its original position. As such, it becomes important to go for wearing retainers on a regular basis.

There are several advantages of wearing retainers after you have had your braces removed. In addition to giving proper shape & position to the straightened teeth, retainers also help in maintaining proper oral hygiene as it helps in simplifying bacteria from the mouth. You can experience improved speech as well as breathing with retainers. Learn more about orthodontics by scheduling a complimentary consultation with us today!

Removing A Retainer

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