Valentine’s Day and Braces: Dispelling the Myths

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Valentine’s Day is all about romance, sweet desserts, delicious candies, flowers, and presents, all of which we use to show someone just how much we care about them. The most romantic day of the year is also a source of concern for people with braces who believe it’s impossible for them to have a great time with their loved ones. But you will be happy to know the reality is entirely different. Watch us debunk the most common myths about braces so you can spend your Valentine’s Day stress-free.

MYTH: You can’t eat chocolate.

FACT: Wrong!

Chocolate is a safer choice than other types of desserts because it is not too sticky, hard, or coated in sugar. The best option is to eat soft dark chocolate and avoid chocolate bars with peanuts, fruit, caramel, and nuts. Go one step further and make delicious chocolate mousse that you can enjoy even while wearing braces.

MYTH: Braces aren’t really suitable for a romantic setting.

FACT: Wrong!

It all boils down to the atmosphere you and the significant other create. Bear in mind that your partner already loves everything about you and knows that after braces you will be even more attractive, everyone admires a person who consistently betters themselves, so relax and create a beautiful setting.

MYTH: I’ll have to wear braces for years.

FACT: Science and technology have evolved immensely over the years, and simple cases of gaps and misalignment could mean just a few months in treatment.

Spend this Valentine’s Day having a great time with a loved one. Treat yourself with delicious dessert, but don’t forget the importance of moderation and good dental hygiene practices.

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