A Healthy Tooth is a Happy Tooth

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Healthy teeth in teens

Much to our surprise according to the American Hygienist Association, Teens have ore challenges with dental health then younger children. You would find it easier to believe younger children would face more challenges with keeping their teeth healthy. After all younger children are known to devour sour patch kids and any other sweets they can get their hands on. However this is simply not true.


As a young child, our parents typically are in control of the foods we are consuming. As a teenager, we are hanging out with our friends and eating pizza with on our walks home from school. With the little bits of freedom that come with being a teenager, kids become free to eat more of what they like to eat instead of what they should be eating. Their diets usually become higher in sugar and carbohydrates. All of this in combination with poor oral hygiene leads to a mouth full of problems a.k.a cavities. A love of soda can cause issues of calcium absorption and other issues specifically in teens..


Issues with eating disorders, oral piercings and smoking are less common but can also be an issue teenagers may face. Tooth decay is at its highest in the teenage years. All of these are issues must be combated before braces are put on and during to avoid issues later on.

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