Othos & Dentists the Oral Health Twins You Cannot Ignore | World Health Day

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April 7th is dedicated to all things health, and in the tradition of World Health Day (and also our microcosm of oral health), we will take a look at the two fabled twins of oral health professionals: Orthodontists and dentists

If you can adequately distinguish between an orthodontist and a dentist, then hurray! You’re a step up on the oral health professional ladder. If you can’t, there’s no need to panic. Gather your thoughts and your attention bags and join us on this mystical oral professional adventure!

More often than not, most people overlap the meanings and roles of an orthodontist and a dentist. What they don’t realize is being able to distinguish the roles of the two professionals could mean the difference in their oral health endeavors and by extension, their overall healthy living.

Orthodontists and dentists are similar in that they both provide oral care to patients. However, there are quite a few differences. Whilst dentists provide general care on teeth, gums, nerves and cavities, orthodontists are more specialized in that they help patients with teeth alignment, improving their bite and fitting them with braces and devices to help straighten teeth or jaws. Orthodontists are basically a specialized form of dentists. Essentially, if you want your teeth cleaned/whitened or checked out for cavities and gum disease, you’d most likely need a dentist, but if you want to move your teeth or adjust your bite or wear braces, then an orthodontist is your go to guy. The orthodontist is basically your smile expert!

All in all, orthodontists and dentists help in making sure that your oral health is of supreme quality. Imagine if the position of your teeth hindered you from eating or speaking well, or you had some form of cavities eating into your tooth and causing you pain. Knowing what professional can help with what can and will go a LONG way in making sure that you remain in a balanced state of healthy living.

To learn more about how to care for your teeth or to enquire about your orthodontic treatment, contact us for a free consultation.

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