Best Food Choices for Patients With Braces

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Summer is here and so are the picnics and barbecues. In order to go through your orthodontic treatment smoothly, it is important to know your do’s and don’ts which are useful, there are a few rules that need to be followed once the braces have been installed. While following the rules might seem uncomfortable, it actually helps retain your orthodontic appliances while you enjoy your summer eats. 

Food is one particularly concerning factor. There are many foods that need to be avoided. Sticky food can stick to the braces, while hard candy and other hard food options can be damaging to the braces and even cause teeth breakage. Luckily, there are still many foods you can enjoy when you are wearing braces.  

Recommended Food:

A diet for people with braces is not as restrictive as some might think. To ensure complications can be avoided, the first step is to avoid any foods that can cause issues. On the other hand, you should also acknowledge yourself on the particular foods that you can eat with braces – and ideally opt for those that are healthy and nutritious to avoid malnourishing your body during this time.  

Yogurt is a great snack option. You can also opt for smoothies as they should not impact your braces at all. When it comes to veggies, make sure to cook them first as this will soften the texture of the food.  

Other foods you can eat include: Green vegetables, fish fillet, potato salad, soft sandwiches, mashed potatoes etc. 

In conclusion, a relatively large number of foods should be cut from your diet if you are wearing braces, there are still many options that you can enjoy. Prefer softer foods that are not too crispy or exceptionally sticky and chewy, and you should be good and avoid complications.  

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