Invisalign has become a straightening option that many teens and adults prefer. Proven to show great results, these clear aligners have already helped many patients achieve the smile they’ve always wanted! There are many benefits with Invisalign that will have you smiling with happiness! If you are interested in Invisalign clear aligners in Glen Cove, NY, the first step is a consultation visit! Your orthodontist can take a look at your smile, go over your treatment options and determine the best plan for you. Together, you can build a custom treatment plan that meets your needs and helps you achieve the best results. Call our office today to get started!

Benefits of Invisalign®

With the use of SmartTrack plastic material, Invisalign provides one of the most comfortable materials for tooth alignment. There are no metal wires or brackets! The custom-made aligners help control which teeth move and when they move to ensure that your smile stays on the right track in the straightening process. Removable aligners make it easy to continue enjoying your favorite foods and keep up on your oral hygiene habits. Invisalign provides predictable results and quick treatment time! The clear aligners also draw no extra attention to your smile during the process, so you can feel confident as you work towards your smile goals.

The Invisalign® Process

After your orthodontist has determined you are a good candidate for Invisalign, your first Invisalign visit will be scheduled. Digital impressions will be taken of your teeth so a treatment plan can be made and the custom aligners can be created. Once the clear aligners are ready, your treatment will begin. Within weeks you will begin to see noticeable improvements in your teeth alignment. As you switch to each set of new aligners, your teeth will continue to shift until they are in the right position. At the end of the Invisalign process, you’ll be left with a more confident smile that’s easier to maintain! A custom retainer will be made to keep your teeth aligned as they settle into their new position.