Ceramic Braces

If you need braces for your orthodontic treatment, but prefer a straightening method that doesn’t bring a lot of attention to your teeth, ceramic braces are a great treatment option! Ceramic braces are made out of mainly tooth-colored materials so that they look a lot like a retainer when you smile. If your smile needs more extensive treatment than Invisalign can give, clear aligners combine the benefits of both traditional and Invisalign methods to give you an option you can feel comfortable with! If you are interested in clear ceramic braces, call our office today to get started! 

Benefits of Ceramic Braces

Ceramic braces combine the benefit of discreet straightening with the technology of traditional braces to provide the results you are looking for! Ceramic braces are durable and blend in with your smile. With only the metal band being noticeable when you smile, your ceramic braces will appear a lot like you are wearing a retainer. Ceramic braces have helped many patients work toward their smile goals and could be the perfect solution for you too. Both teens and adults can enjoy the benefits of this orthodontic solution! 

Ceramic Braces Treatment

The process for ceramic braces is similar to that of traditional braces. Before your ceramic braces are placed, your orthodontist will inform you of the expected treatment time. Once you are wearing your braces, you will begin to see the orthodontic treatment at work. You’ll have scheduled adjustments with your orthodontist to keep your smile on the right track. With consistent orthodontic visits and good hygiene habits, your smile will gradually show you the results you’ve been wanting. Ceramic braces may require longer treatment time compared to traditional braces, since the bracket is a bit more fragile, but it provides a more discreet way to straighten your smile. If you are interested in ceramic braces in the Glen Cove, NY area, schedule a consultation today!