National Orthodontics Month: How Orthodontics Makes You a Happier

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If you would like to discover what it feels like to smile confidently, you might want to start with a visit at the orthodontist. Smiling is a universal language which every culture embraces. Apart from the beauty of the teeth being in perfect alignment, there are more health benefits to smiling. More people gradually appreciate the impact the orthodontist has on their lives. That simple smile brings many benefits to your life.

There is a Science to this: Smiling Makes Your Brain Feel Happy

The traditional role of a smile is to express happiness and joy. Nothing could be far from it. As you smile, the brain responds by secreting the happy hormones. Dopamine and serotonin, in turn, lower the stress levels in the body system. As these two hormones work to make you happy, the brain inhibits the production of stress hormones.

Unknown to many people, faking a smile has the same benefits as a real smile. The brain records the smile movements on your face. It then responds similarly, as if you are smiling. This means you can train your mind to be happy always. So, why don’t you start smiling for a healthier brain?

Smiling is Good for the Heart

The heart responds promptly to the alterations of the blood pressure. When you smile, you activate the production of endorphins. This reduces the levels of cortisol, the hormone responsible for stress. Since the cortisol levels are low, your blood pressure and circulation stabilize. With a happy brain and perfect heart, you are bound to live longer than most of your peers.

Without confidence in your smile it is hard to let yourself go, and laugh freely in the midst of thers. Hence it is wise to consider visiting your orthodontist to find out how you can take care of the outer smile, which allows the world to enjoy more of your inner smile.

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